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In order to accommodate the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport expansion project, the City of Cleveland had to culvert a section of Abram Creek. The City was required to mitigate the impacts to Abram Creek by performing various stream restoration projects. One such project was the 2001 Doan Brook Restoration Project.  The original project was never constructed due to inadequate construction funding. For the last several years the City negotiated with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA) regarding the details of a new Doan Brook Project. During this time the project has taken on various renditions and budgets. In May 2009, the City was issued final Findings and Orders from the Ohio EPA which requires a $2.5 million investment for stream enhancement on Doan Brook. The project is now referred to as the "Doan Brook Stream Enhancement Project" which is a modified version of the original project that focuses on the section of the brook between East 105th Street at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Wade Park Avenue. 

The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (District) has a long term interest in the ecological restoration of Doan Brook. For the past few years, the District has been working with the City of Cleveland regarding the implementation of the Doan Brook Project. The District has agreed to serve as the project manager for the design and implementation of the Doan Brook Stream Enhancement Project. With the signing of the new Ohio EPA Findings and Orders, the basic parameters of the Project are established and the project is moving forward. The Orders require that a Conceptual Plan be created and submitted to Ohio EPA for approval. The Conceptual Plan outlined the goals, locations, and a schedule for implementation of the Doan Brook Stream Enhancement Project. The Conceptual Plan has been approved by Ohio EPA.

The District has hired the services of CT Consultants for the design of the Doan Brook Stream Enhancement Project. Design activities commenced in early 2011. Since this project involves the use of federal funds, through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and potentially impacts historic properties (e.g., Rockefeller Park), Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) applies. The District also retained the services of Mannik & Smith for the Section 106 Consultation Process and Stakeholder Involvement for the project.

Presentations and documents regarding the project history, status, and design

Doan Brook Assessment of Effect Report November 2012

  1. Main report
  2. Appendix A: Pre-design
  3. Appendix B: Stakeholder plan
  4. Appendix C: 30% design
  5. Appendix D: 90% design
  6. Appendix E: Photo log
  7. Appendix F: Flyer

1. Conceptual Plan | Appendix
2. Pre-Design Meeting (1-18-11) Presentation
3. Pre-Design Meeting (1-18-11) Attendance Sheet
4. Pre-Design Meeting (1-18-11) Notes
5. 30% Design Meeting (5-24-11) Presentation
6. 30% Design Meeting (5-24-11) Attendance Sheet
7. Stakeholder Involvement Plan
8. Stakeholder List
9. Stakeholder Meeting (9-20-12) Attendance Sheet
10. Stakeholder Meeting (9-20-12) Presentation
11. 60% Design Drawings (8-3-12)

Progress newsletter: AUGUST 2011
Design and contract documents (2013)
Progress photos

Project updates and announcements
There are no updates at this time. If you have any questions, contact Manager of Watershed Technical Support Betsy Yingling.

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