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Pick Up Poop! Dogs can't flush.
PUP reminds you to Pick Up Poop!

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All posts after July 2010 can be found at the NEORSD Newsroom blog.
NEORSD, Macedonia mayor appear on WCPN Sound of Ideas archives_stormwater.gif Posted 07.27.2010 | Listen | Download MP3
"It is irresponsible of your elected officials to encourage you not to pay your sewer bills." Summit County officials in ABJ | Response from Exec. Director Julius Ciaccia archives_stormwater.gif Posted 07.26.10
Swimming advisory posted at Edgewater Beach archives_environ.gifarchives_stormwater.gif Posted 07.13.10 | UPDATE 07.14.10 The advisory has been lifted
Sulik sworn in as Vice President, Brown and Mayor DePiero retain President and Secretary seats |archives_people.gif Posted 07.02.10
Two reports set baseline data to determine water-quality progress |archives_environ.gif Posted 06.15.10 | Pepper Pike/Moreland Hills report | Mill Creek Highland Park restoration report
Fraud is added to litigation claims against former contractor |archives_people.gif Posted 05.07.10
Because dogs can't flush: PUP program promotes picking up pet waste to protect the environment |archives_environ.gif Posted 04.28.10
Stormwater fee credit policy draft released | archives_stormwater.gif Posted 04.07.10
Sewers and stormwater on WCPN's The Sound of Ideas | archives_stormwater.gif Posted 01.07.10
Sewer Board unanimously adopts stormwater program | Read Title V |archives_stormwater.gif Posted 03.23.10

Stream study results will help determine river's ability to meet future EPA criteria [PDF] | archives_environ.gif Posted 12.18.09
Clean water: a gift so often overlooked | archives_environ.gif Posted 12.15.09
Stream reports reflect water-quality improvements, set baseline for future projects (Cuyahoga River report | West Creek report) | archives_environ.gif Posted 11.16.09
Sewer District support brings Cleveland presence to international Water! exhibit | archives_events.gif Posted 11.03.09
New Cleveland Water billingmeans new combined-bill design | Posted 09.22.09
Open for business: Program promotes small-business opportunities | Posted 08.20.09
Official 2009 budget report now online [PDF download] | Posted 08.14.09
New oil discharge detected as Sewer District continues investigation of gull deaths | archives-environ_1.gif Posted 07.10.09
Trustees reelect President Brown, Secretary Mayor DePiero, Mayor Starr elected VP | archives_people.gif Posted 06.19.09
June 22 burning-river celebration marks 40 years of progress | archives_events.gif Posted 07.09.09
Planning continues for 40th anniversary of river fire | archives_events.gif Posted 06.12.09
Sewer work will restrict access to W. 10th in the Flats | archives_events.gif Posted 05.19.09
I-90 lane closure between MLK and Eddy for sewer project | archives_events.gif Posted 05.11.09


Director Ciaccia's contract renewed through 2012, Board supports NEORSD's direction | archives_people.gif Posted 12.05.08
Special presentation explores success of Lansing, MI stormwater project and local potential | Posted 11.19.08
Signs of Cuyahoga River health keep coming | archives-environ_1.gif Posted 10.06.08 courtesy ABJ
Expert panel convened to review incinerator project is first of its kind | archives-environ_1.gif Posted 08.15.08
District's use of technology means better data, faster access, more accuracy | archives_events.gif Posted 08.06.08
Trustees' efforts to improve efficiency, accountability are focused on customers | archives_people.gif Posted 07.23.08
From gray days to green ways: Making the most of rainy weather | archives_stormwater.gif Posted 07.11.08