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Project partners must download and complete the following forms.

Budget Report
Document progress on the approved budget as submitted in your proposal.

Expense Report
Record all purchases and attach related documentation.

Procedural Guidance
How to complete your Watershed Grant.

Progress Report
Provide a summary of quarterly accomplishments.

Time Tracking
Document all personnel costs dedicated to operational work.

Operating support grant funding is available to member communities annually.


Download RFP
Submissions are due by 4:00 p.m. December 5, 2013

  Watershed Grants Programs
Working together from a watershed perspective.

The District understands the valuable role that our partners play in helping to address flooding, erosion, and water quality concerns through innovative stormwater management practices, and stream and wetland restoration. This work compliments the District's commitment to clean water and water-quality protection throughout the District's service area and tributary watersheds.

Operating Support Grant
The District recognizes that watershed organizations are playing an increasingly important role in helping local governments and residents address flooding, erosion, and water quality concerns through innovative stormwater management practices, and stream and wetland restoration. The majority of grant dollars available to them often restricts dollars for administrative and operating costs. As a result, a significant portion of the staff time of watershed organizations is devoted to pursuing operating funds to keep the organization viable. This emphasis on operating costs limits the ability of watershed organizations to focus on projects and assistance to local governments and residents. This grant addresses the need for operational support.

The following watershed organizations were awarded Operating Support Grants for fiscal year 2013:

Chagrin River Watershed Partners
Doan Brook Watershed Partners
Friends of Big Creek
Friends of Euclid Creek
Lake Erie Waterkeeper
Rocky River Watershed Council
Tinker's Creek Watershed Partners
West Creek Preservation Committee

Small-Scale Stormwater Demonstration Projects Grant
The District recognizes the importance of local demonstrations of rain gardens, bioretention, and other site based stormwater management practices. We want to support the implementation of these demonstration projects by our member communities. To that end, we have developed grant opportunities to support these small-scale stormwater management projects.

If you would like more information on these projects or the grants program, contact Linda Mayer-Mack at (216) 881-6600.