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CAREERS: Military Employment dialogue to be featured among #neorsdTOUR Open House events 9/19

Among the many exhibits, tours, and presentations slated for our September 19 Open House, a special conversation about Military Employment will be featured twice throughout the day to highlight career opportunities for veterans.

“Veterans bring a really unique skill set and an extraordinary commitment to serving the community,” said Human Resources Manager David Feinerman, “to serving the American way of life; and that’s what we do at the Sewer District, as well.”

Join our Open House September 19 and stop by our Inside Stage and 9:30 a.m. or 1:30 p.m. to learn more. With more than 600 employees and 200 different job titles, we may have opportunities to help you put your skills to work.

The Sewer District has been recognized this year among Northeast Ohio’s Top Workplaces and recently earned a spot in NorthCoast99’s Best Places to Work for the first time in its history.

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  • Adam Shebel

    My name is Adam Shebel and I am an active-duty Navy service member finishing my last year of eight total onboard a nuclear powered submarine stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. I am an electronics/communications technician and also have extensive experience working and living in fast-paced and strenuous industrial work environments. The work environment consists of high energy systems that are responsible for allowing the submarine and its’ crew to complete their mission tasking. I will be moving to Cleveland once separated from the Navy and found your company on Indeed Jobs online. I am interested in any employment opportunities at your company, and would like to connect with someone who is willing to help. I am in my last two classes to complete my bachelor’s in Electrical Technology, and will be enrolling in a Professional or Executive MBA program immediately following my separation in which the Navy will be paying for in full via the GI Bill benefits at either Case Western, John Carroll, or Cleveland State University. I really hope whoever receives this message takes the time to forward it to the appropraite person who is willing to take the time to converse with me via email and/or phone.

    Thank you,

    Adam Shebel
    (814) 464-6987