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RECAP: “It’s kind of amazing what exists under a manhole cover.” #FollowTheFlow

In a whirlwind of scents, sludge, and sights seen by few other eyes, Infrastructure Week last week allowed visitors and followers an underground behind-the-scenes look at the sewers that help make clean water possible.

“It’s kind of amazing what exists under a manhole cover,” as WCPN’s Anne Glausser put it as she peered down the century-old depths of a brick-and-mortar sewer line. And those are the reactions our #FollowTheFlow events were designed to inspire.

Several local media outlets covered the events and allowed glimpses into the murkey depths of the wastewater treatment network under your feet.

WCPN: A peek inside a wastewater treatment plant
WEWS:A closer look at a $3 billion construction program
WKYC: Following the flow with the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District View inside a sewer overflow tunnel in Cleveland How far we’ve come since 1970, an op ed by Radhika Fox

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