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WORK: Made to odor? Smell may annoy, but it’s safe.

Next week, we’re planning a sewer relining project in the area of E. 123rd Street. During the project, you may notice a “plasticky” smell, but be assured it’s safe. Annoying perhaps, but safe.

We mailed a letter to residents in the East 123rd neighborhood between Parkway Road and Fairport Avenue this week to inform them of the work scheduled for the week of February 25, weather permitting.

The sewer-improvement project includes “cured-in-place” pipe, which contains styrene resin and is known to cause odors. The contractor will be venting the sewer line to minimize the smell, but it still may be detected by the human nose. As the letter explained, the level of odor is significantly lower than the allowable exposure limits deemed safe. You can download a copy of the letter and FAQ attachment.

But to further reduce the possibility of smelling styrene in your home, you can pour a pitcher of water into any of your basement drains to fill the traps. Here’s why:

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