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UPDATE 2015 09/15: On September 15, 2015, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled the Sewer District has the authority to manage and charge fees for a regional stormwater management program.

We are reviewing the ruling and assessing future steps to relaunch the program. We will post updates here as the become available.

Have a question? See  our Stormwater FAQ  for the latest list of questions and answers.
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Understanding stormwater, the issues, and solutions
What's the link between water flow and watersheds?

Some people say rain, other say rainwater, we say stormwater, and it's more than just rain. Stormwater is any rainwater or melting snow or ice that flows over the surface of the land to the nearest sewers, lake, or stream.

Hard surfaces like driveways, roofs, parking lots, and even some lawns pose two stormwater problems: Pollution (like litter, debris, oils, etc. which the stormwater carries to its destination untreated), and increased flow (the water flows quickly and in larger volumes, and that combination can increase flooding and erosion, the washing away of streambank soils).



Watershed awareness
What is a watershed?
Find your watershed!
Five major watersheds of Northeast Ohio
Watershed groups and contact info
PDF download
Regional map
What projects are in the works?
[Coming soon]
Watershed support
Green Infrastructure Funding



Downloads: Publications and print
What is the water cycle?
Printable coloring page
Watershed Education Curricula
for Stormwater Education Credit
Multimedia: Audio and video clips
Video: So if you ever wondered, "Where does it go?"...
See how it flows in Greater Cleveland's urban water cycle
On the air: Sewers and stormwater discussion on WCPN's Sound of Ideas
Links: Additional resources
Ohio EPA Training: Office of Compliance Assistance and Pollution Prevention | Stormwater
Where does it go? Learn where your wastewater, stormwater, and sewer rates go