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Hemlock Creek Stream Restoration in Seven Hills

Improving stream function, reducing flooding and erosion in Seven Hills

The Hemlock Creek Stream Restoration project in Seven Hills will improve stream conveyance, reduce erosion, and reduce flooding to buildings and roads. This phase of the total project (“Phase 1”) will restore 1,318 linear feet of Hemlock Creek and replace two roadway crossings, which are currently undersized and in poor condition. The Sewer District has acquired 8 properties in the area to create enough room for this phase of the restoration. The design contract was awarded to GPD Group for $434,608. The planning estimate for construction is estimated at $3.6 million, although this can change as design progresses. We estimate construction will begin in August 2023.

Progress: Design 100% complete

Design is complete, and construction is set to begin November 6, 2023. The contractor is Tucson, Inc. and the contract amount is not to exceed $3,180,470. Substantial completion is anticipated July 20, 2024 and final completion in November 2024.

Archived: Public meeting 90%

The 90% design public meeting was held in two sessions on Wednesday March 29, 2023 at the Seven Hills Recreation Center. Roughly 36 residents were in attendance to learn and ask questions about the stream restoration project along Hemlock Creek in the neighborhood near Forest Overlook Dr. and Donna Rae Dr. The final design will be completed this May and the notice to proceed for construction is estimated for August.

View our public meeting boards (PDF)

Archived: Public meeting 30%

April 27, 2022 | View our public meeting boards (PDF) | Download additional slides (PDF)

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