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Community Cost-Share Program

About the program

The Community Cost‐Share Program provides funding to Member Communities for Community‐specific stormwater management projects. To implement the Community Cost‐Share Program, the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (District) has formed a financial account termed “Community Cost‐Share Account” for the aggregation and dissemination of funds derived from Stormwater Fee collected in each Member Community.

25% of the total annual Stormwater Fee collected in each Member Community is allocated to the Community Cost‐Share Account for each Member Community. The Community Cost‐Share Account is under the control of the District, with disbursement of funds to Member Communities through a grant application and reimbursement process.

Accessing available funds

To access Community Cost‐Share Program funds, Member Communities must maintain compliance with Title V: Stormwater Management Code. A Community Cost‐Share Program Project must clearly promote or implement the goals and objectives of the District set forth in Title V and must be intended to address current, or minimize new, stormwater flooding, erosion, and water quality problems.

Member Communities may apply for Community Cost‐Share Program funds any time such funds are available, and may accumulate up to five years of Community Cost‐Share funds.

Reimbursement and eligible projects

The Community Cost‐Share Program funds shall be provided by the District on a reimbursement basis directly to the Community for Project costs, conditioned on the District’s prior approval of the Project. Funds must be used in accordance with the authorized amount indicated. Any funds not expended for the purposes agreed to by the Member Community and the District shall remain with the District.

If the Member Community fails to maintain a project funded through the Community Cost Share Program in accordance with any agreement executed with the District, the Member Community shall be liable for the full amount of any Community Cost‐Share Program funds paid for the project. Such  amount shall be offset against the Member Community’s Community Cost‐Share Program account.

Program information