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Flood Reduction at Riverview Road

Regional stormwater management program project will reduce flooding along Riverview Road between Greenhaven Parkway and Wiese Road up to a 100-year storm event, accomplished by raising the elevation of the roadway and increasing the capacity of stormwater conduits in the project area.

History of the Problem Area

The project area was identified during our Cuyahoga River South Stormwater Master Plan by the City of Brecksville. Riverview Road has a history of flooding in the area between Greenhaven Parkway and Wiese Roads. The topography of the area is low in elevation, with an upstream drainage area with steep surrounding slopes. The water flows down from small southern tributaries to the Cuyahoga River confluence in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The water currently passes through to crossings beneath Riverview Road that are undersized for the amount of water they receive. Erosion in the upstream watershed contributes sediment downstream to the closed sediment vault system at the southwest corner of Greenhaven Parkway and Riverview Road. The sediment slows down as it approaches the vaults and crossings at a lower elevation, where the water slows down, allowing the sediment to deposit. This naturally occurring geomorphological process is also referred to as an alluvial fan. Due to the crossing sizes and sediment accumulation, the water has limited space to drain underneath Riverview Road. During rain events the water surpasses the top or crown of the crossings and flows over the road leading to road closures and impacting the residents directly in the project area from having access to their driveways or emergency services.

Project Concept

The project will raise Riverview Road up to 4-feet at the highest location. It will replace and increase the size of two crossings, remove the sediment vaults and replace them with an open concept channel, and provide additional storm sewers for drainage relief. The project will get Riverview Road up to the 100-year level of service. This means that even if Brecksville receives 5-inches of rain in a 24-hour period, the road will be passable to residents and emergency services. Greenhaven Parkway, Wiese Road, and the driveways in the project area will also be tied back into the new grade of the road.

The project requires coordination between the City, County, and National Park. The project is being performed in partnership with the City of Brecksville, who have committed $700,000 to the project through their Community Cost-Share funds.

Project Status: 90% Design | View our related public information

Estimated Construction Start: Late 2024/Early 2025

Estimated Construction Duration: 11 months

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