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Chippewa Creek Flood Reduction at Echo Lane Project

This project will alleviate flooding and reduce flood risks in Broadview Heights

Our Regional Stormwater Management Program  addresses water quality, flooding, and erosion issues throughout our service area, which includes the Cities of Broadview Heights and North Royalton. As part of the program, the Sewer District is continuing its project to reduce flooding in the Echo Lane area of Broadview Heights and North Royalton.

The Chippewa Creek Flood Reduction at Echo Lane Project will alleviate flooding and reduce flooding risks to the neighborhood in Broadview Heights including homes along Echo Lane, West Ridge Drive, and Twin Oaks Drive. The project includes elements to increase the stormwater storage volume in the neighborhood to reduce flooding potential, including modifying and expanding an existing detention basin, restoring 1,220 feet of stream with expanded floodplain, and daylighting 325 feet of culverted stream. Construction cost will be less than $9 million.

Progress update, April 2024

Updated April 3, 2024

Construction started in October 2023 and is ongoing. The contractor is creating the new stream channel alignment, installing new stormwater headwalls, installed a new storm sewer on Briarwood Drive, and created an earthen berm and stormwater storage area at the end of Echo Lane. There is current construction of a new manhole at the intersection of Echo Lane and Twin Oaks Drive. A temporary gravel access road is installed until the work is completed within an estimated time frame of a month or two, weather dependent.

Estimated final completion is September 2025.

Progress update, September 2023

Updated September 15, 2023

Design is complete. Preliminary work commenced around August 7, 2023. The contractor established a laydown area on site and is planning to install some tree protection fencing. The main construction items will proceed after the tree felling is completed in October 2023.

Construction cost not-to-exceed $8,259,707, and we anticipate project completion by the end of September 2025.

Progress: 100% design

Updated April 4, 2023 | The project cost is estimated to be $9,051,740. The contract bid opening is April 12, 2023. The notice to proceed for construction is June 2023.

Progress: 90% design

Updated August 30, 2022 | Watch our 90% design overview update (40 min.) | Download 90% design concept plan (PDF)

Progress: 60% design

Updated May 12, 2022

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