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Watershed Partner Service Agreements

The District desires to enter into service agreements with watershed organizations that demonstrate the ability to provide public education relevant to the District, and to perform projects implementing pollution-prevention techniques and best practices to control runoff and minimize the introduction of stormwater to sanitary or combined sewers. Examples of services that watershed organizations may provide include those listed below:

  • Services related to community engagement and education on the region’s water quality issues and best practices to address these problems.
  • Restoration of streams, wetlands, and other degraded landscapes to address flooding, erosion, and water quality problems.
  • Educational programming on the economic incentives associated with watershed management, conservation, pollution prevention, and other practices.
  • Services to support the Sewer District’s activities under Titles III and IV of the Code of Regulations to promote the use of pollution-prevention techniques and best practices to control runoff, minimize illicit discharges, and minimize stormwater in sanitary and combined sewers through the implementation of on-site stormwater management practices.

If you would like more information regarding this program, contact Keith McClintock at (216) 881-6600.


Forms and resources
Project partners must download and complete the following forms.


2024 Call for Proposals
How to apply for watershed partner service agreement

WOSA Policy
Official Watershed Organization Service Agreement policy

Time Tracking
For project time tracking

Activity Report
For activity descriptions

Expense Report
For reporting agreement expenditures

Reimbursement Request
For expenses associated with the agreement

Budget modification
Request form for budget modifications