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Sustainability program

The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District’s mission is linked to the natural environment. At the same time, our operations impact service-area communities and the broader Northeast Ohio region. Integrating sustainability enterprise-wide is critical to our roles as a public utility, steward of the environment, and fiscally responsible organization.

In 2017, the District started a formal sustainability program with the following objectives:

  • Be an efficient and financially responsible user of natural and material resources: The District will responsibly use material resources including energy, supplies, and other inputs, and seek to reduce, re-use, and recycle to lessen our contributions to landfill in our operations and construction practices.
  • Be a socially responsible utility: Consider the well-being of the environment, communities, and staff when carrying out operations, policies and practices and seek to align equitable outcomes with core business opportunities resulting in positive impact to member communities.
  • Protect and enhance the natural environment: The District will measure and mitigate its impacts and embed environmental protection into daily operations; acting to meet long-term environmental challenges, including climate change.

Learn more: Our Journey Towards Sustainability highlights recent progress, and provides a baseline of greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, waste to landfill and other metrics that will inform future comprehensive sustainability planning. Our latest greenhouse gas inventory is also available.