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Code of Regulations

NEORSD’s Code of Regulations consists of five Titles. Each Title outlines the responsibility of the Sewer District and the customers we serve.

TITLE I: Sewer use code

The Sewer Use Code defines our administration, rate structures, user classifications, and more. View PDF

TITLE II: Discharge regulations

Industrial users in our service area are required to meet pretreatment obligations to discharge flow to our sewer system. Title II defines the charges, requirements, administration, and enforcement actions we follow. View PDF

Code of Regulations Section 2.0132 Specific Limits

TITLE III: Separate sanitary sewer code

Communities served by separate sewers (in which stormwater and sewage flow in separate pipes) must have procedures by which the Sewer District and the municipality cooperate to control separate sanitary sewer overflows and control peak flows. Title III defines those requirements and expectations. View PDF

TITLE IV: Combined sewer code

Similar to Title III, the Combined Sewer Code requires member communities in the combined sewer area to have a plan for controlling and monitoring flow volumes and overflows in their system. View PDF

TITLE V: Stormwater management code

Title V defines the Sewer District’s Regional Stormwater Management Program through which the District and each member community served by the program shall work collaboratively to address stormwater management problems. View PDF

Rules of Procedure for Administrative Determinations