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What We Do

Wastewater treatment

The Sewer District owns and operates three wastewater treatment plants: Easterly and Westerly treatment plants in Cleveland, and Southerly treatment plant in Cuyahoga Heights. These treatment plants clean tens of billions of gallons of wastewater every year, reducing pollution and improving water quality. Learn more.

Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Control

The City of Cleveland and older inner-ring suburbs have combined sewers, in which one pipe conveys both stormwater and sanitary sewage. A combined sewer overflow, or CSO, is when these large sewers are filled beyond capacity (typically due to storms and huge volumes of stormwater runoff) and relief points called outfalls discharge flow to the environment like Lake Erie or a nearby stream. We maintain combined sewer overflows throughout the Greater Cleveland area, working to minimize discharges and maximize treatment.Learn more.

Conveyance: The sewer system

Once water leaves your home, it enters a vast system of local sewers, combined sewers, intercommunity relief sewers, interceptor sewers, automated regulators and pump stations. Proper operation and maintenance of the conveyance system ensures that wastewater is safely and efficiently transported to treatment plants. This regional system is our responsibility, but local sewers remain the responsibility of each individual municipality. Learn more.

Industrial pre-treatment

The Sewer District conducts investigations to identify pollutants within the sewage collection system that have the potential to be reduced through pollution prevention and works with industrial customers to achieve pollution-prevention goals. Learn more.

Regional Stormwater Management

The causes of stormwater problems like flooding, erosion, and debris are not confined to community boundaries. The Regional Stormwater Management Program offers collaborative solutions to address these problems. Learn more.

Environmental Services and laboratory

Environmental services include our water quality and industrial surveillance, a state-certified laboratory, stormwater maintenance and inspection, and more. Learn more.

The collection system: Down the drain

When you drain your sink or flush your toilet, that flow enters the collection system. Some of the components of a collection system include gravity sewers, force mains, manholes, regulators and lift stations. Proper maintenance of the collection system ensures that wastewater is not allowed to back up and overflow into the street, someone’s home, or into the streams, rivers or Lake Erie. Learn more.

Engineering and Construction

We are investing billions of dollars in infrastructure to protect public health and the environment. Through smart combinations of gray and green infrastructure, construction projects touch many corners of our service area, maybe even your neighborhood. Learn more.