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Stormwater Fee Finder


  1. Enter your complete address in the box and click Locate.
  2. Click or tap within the outline of your property to see your fee summary.
  3. The shaded impervious surfaces within your property are the areas included in the calculation of your base fee.
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Your actual stormwater charges may differ from the stormwater fee summary in the Fee Finder due to our ongoing quality control efforts. To produce up-to-date stormwater fees, we perform quality control on the measured impervious surface. For example, if you recently removed or added impervious surface to your property, or applied fora stormwater fee credit, the stormwater fee on your quarterly stormwater bill may be different than the stormwater fee shown below. Your stormwater bill may be adjusted in the future if you add or remove impervious surface or quality for fee credits. Please contact our Customer Service department (216) 881-8247 or visit us if you’d like to discuss your fee.