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INNOVATE: Share your ideas to help us make our Great Lake even greater

Creativity, experience, and passion are at the heart of great ideas. And  new ideas become our next innovations.

Where do you see opportunities for everyday innovations to help us be smarter, stronger, more efficient, more informed or more sustainable? Can the District improve a process, modify a tool, change a procedure, or convene a group to help us better accomplish our mission and goals? Sometimes you might not know how to discuss your idea or what do do with it. We want to help.

Share ideas so our team can encourage, explore, and evaluate new and creative possibilities to help us make our Great Lake even greater.

Submit your idea

Open and complete a simple form to share your idea and tell us how it fits into our mission. An employee panel will review all submissions and offer responses to you for more information.

Innovation Management

Ideas come from everywhere, but how can the District better track, collect, and discuss them to advance those that make a difference? Innovation Management formalizes a process to do just that.

Contact us via email

We welcome questions and comments about either the program or the Idea Submission Form. These can be directed to our team by e-mail using the link above.