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Memorandum of Agreement

You must accept the terms of this Memorandum of Agreement in order to register as a vendor within the NEORSD Vendor Registration System. If you choose not to accept these terms you will be unable to register.

By submitting your vendor registration electronically through this system, you certify and warrant that you are duly authorized, on behalf of your company to: register your company; file all the information requested in this registration process and enter into this Agreement.

Also, by submitting this registration, you agree, on behalf of your Company, that your company shall use the registration update functionality of the system to update your company’s registration information whenever necessary to ensure that the registration information remains accurate, complete and current at all times.

This Agreement shall remain in effect for as long as your company is registered as a vendor within the NEORSD Vendor Registration System. All rights are reserved to cancel your company’s registration at any time.

Click Agree if you agree to the terms noted, or Cancel if you do not wish to continue at this time.