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LINK: To boldly go (to the bathroom) where no man has gone (to the bathroom) before

If you’ve ever wondered how astronauts do their business in space, the Smithsonian has the $50,000 facility on display.

It’s easy to take our own toilet for granted, but when nature calls 230 miles above Earth, proper plumbing takes on an entirely new importance. And a much higher pricetag.

The Smithsonian’s story says the investment in the functional model exhibit ($50,000) is only a fraction of the cost of the actual space-shuttle toilet that flew on Endeavor—$30 million.

But really? A toilet exhibit? Heck yeah, Smithsonian staff says.

The subject is so popular, says museum staffer Michael
Hulslander, because “it is truly universal.” The first thing he thought
when planning the exhibition was “oh my god, we need a toilet.”

Hey, being in the wastewater industry ourselves, we know plenty of people want to know (and are brave enough to ask), “Where does the poopie go?”