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TIPS: How to build an igloo. Plus 7 other ways to protect home, self during deep freeze

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Social media across Ohio is teeming with all sorts of winter tips, and they’re good ones based on the deep freeze hitting us today.

Here are eight more handy winter resources, from plumbing safety to traveling tips, including two that might not have made other local lists.

Water/sewer tips for the home

How to protect your water pipes in the cold
via and Cleveland Division of Water

How pouring fat or grease down your drains can cause blockages
via Thames Water (UK)

How to adopt a low [road] salt habit
via Cuyahoga Soil andWater Conservation District

For automobiles or traveling

How to steer out of a skid
via Howcast

What to include in a winter emergency kit in your car
via Cleveland Safety

Image courtesy

How to make shoveling a bit easier
via Lifehacker

Image courtesy Sharon Mollerus, flickr

For extended bouts with sub-freezing temps

How to build an igloo
via Boys’ Life Magazine

Image courtesy Boys Life Magazine

How to warm up your outhouse during winter
via Mother Earth News