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TRENDING: 5 other things that make Crying Jordan cry

The meme to end all memes wants you to know that some things are worth crying over. Here are five unexpected events that get Crying Jordan all misty.

Seeing you flush your unused meds down the toilet.
Crying Jordan reminds you to dispose of your pills safely. Flushing them can affect health and the environment, and here’s why:

Watching you apply way too much fertilizer on your lawn.
Fertilizer is a key contributor to algae blooms like those in Lake Erie. Stop Jordan’s tears by checking out suggestions from Popular Mechanics.

People who leave dog poop without picking it up.
Jordan shouldn’t have to see this, too. Help him out. Pick it up, throw it away.

A sink drain clogged with fats, oils and grease.
Don’t pour these things down your kitchen drain. Cool them and throw them in the trash to prevent clogs. We also recommend not putting any of these 15 items down your drain.

People who think it’s OK to flush disposable wipes.
Oh the tears! Even wipes that are marketed as “flushable” really aren’t. They don’t break down like toilet paper. Or crying Jordan.