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VIDEO: Whether you watch “Glee” or not, the irony here has got to make you laugh.

You never know what will make it through the sewers and into one of our three treatment plants.

And every wastewater plant operator has a story to tell. When we asked Southerly Wastewater Plant Operator in Training Christen Wood what was the weirdest thing she’s seen, here’s what she said.

You might laugh, “Glee DVDs in the sewer?”

Whether you like the show or not, it’s not likely that someone “flushed” them. Most often, things like this start in the trash and somehow make it to the curb in a combined-sewer neighborhood (where stormwater and sewage flow in the same pipe). The combined flow weaves its way through the sewers and into our treatment plant, in this case our Southerly plant in Cuyahoga Heights.

Again, you never know what our crews will find in the sewers.