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NEWS: August 26 is our favorite day. Evah.

Photo by flickr user [xinita]

We are hereby marking our calendars for every August 26 for years to come.

Your NEORSD bloggers have learned that today, August 26, is National Dog Day, raising awareness of pet adoption and rescue efforts. At the same time, we were amazed to learn August 26 is also National Toilet Paper Day.

What a glorious combination for us, and here’s why.

Our business is wastewater treatment, so obviously drawing attention to the sanitary staple that is toilet paper is of great interest to us. Secondarily, as we raise awareness of water quality and public health, pet waste has become a great carrier of our clean-water message, most notably through our Pick Up Poop! (PUP) campaign.

The fact that both topics are of national significance on the same day comes as a welcome opportunity for dialogue.

Huzzah for August 26.