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PICS: I found love at a wastewater treatment plant. #LoveCleanWater

Love and beauty are all around us—yes, even at treatment plants that process nearly 200 million gallons of wastewater every day.

We offer a few of the photos of love and beauty we’ve captured at our facilities.

Seen on the work site during construction of our Renewable Energy Facility.

A wastewater treatment plant is an unexpected destination for beautiful sunrise viewing.

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Our own Kevin Roff’s pose is perfect for a Ryan Gosling “Hey girl” caption, no?

Bob just called to say I love you.

Awww! Deer at our Easterly plant in Cleveland.

So you can watch the sun rise at our Southerly plant in Cuyahoga Heights,
and see it set at our Westerly plant in Cleveland (shown above).

Even back in the 1940s, we knew a thing or two about chemistry.
The lab at our Westerly plant, May 1940.

This mother and daughter were sharing their love for clean water
by enjoying our Open House last year.