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Community Relations sponsorships

Community organizations and media partners that further a shared public purpose within our Service Area may submit proposals for our Community and Media Relations support. Our Community Relations application is closed for 2023, and our 2024 application is now open.

Community Relations application   Media application

Transparency, accountability and environmental stewardship are core values that are essential to the attainment of the mission of the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District. Through strategic partnerships with a variety of organizations and schools, we engage our customers and the general public. Our goal: educate and inform, letting our stakeholders know who we are, what we do, how we manage resources and why what we do is important to the health and vitality of our region. 

Two particularly important pillars to this year’s strategic vision are our workforce development initiative and increasing enrollment in the Sewer District’s cost savings programs. As such, for 2024 we seek to build community relationships that help us leverage the many great organizations in our community to help spread the word about Careers in Clean Water, as well as engage our ratepayers in understanding and managing the Cost of Clean Water. In addition, as in years past, we will continue to support organizations and events that promote environmental stewardship and protection of our freshwater resources.  

Our Trustees recognize that public funds must be spent only for public purposes pursuant to Ohio law. Our Public Purpose policy establishes guidelines for expenditures that meet the following requirements:

  • Directly relate to the Sewer District’s core functions and strategic goals and objectives.
  • Required for the general good of ratepayers and citizens of the region.
  • Support the Sewer District’s mission.
  • Promote the efficient and effective administration of its operations, programs and employees.

The Policy is intended to comply with Ohio Auditor of State guidance on certain categories of expenditures set forth in the Policy. The complete policy is available for download at

Prior to completing your application, please read the following:

2024 Sponsorship Submission Deadline is Friday, May 31, 2024.

Below are instructions for any outside organization who would like to partner with the Sewer District through a Sponsorship Agreement.

Submission requirements and expectations

  • For the 2024 sponsorship season, we welcome applications for partnerships that will help us support the Sewer District’s Mission, particularly those that help advance its workforce development as well as community engagement and enrollment in its cost savings programs. A successful application will highlight how the Sewer District will benefit from the partnership in these two key programmatic areas.  
  • The linked form will capture all of the information needed for consideration for a sponsorship, and there is the ability to attach supporting documents to the application, although this is not required.
  • All Sponsorship requests must meet our Public Purpose as documented in our policy:
  • If requesting sponsorship for a specific event, please submit the application no later than 45  days prior to the event date. Please allow at least two weeks for application processing, and additional time for payment.  
  • We encourage applications to be submitted well in advance of the date of the event or program date, and all applications for 2024 must be submitted by Friday, May 31, 2024.

Registration requirements

  • All applicants must first make sure that your organization is a registered vendor with the Sewer District, and that all of the contact information for the organization is current. You shouldsearch our registry online and confirm your organization details or contact the purchasing department 216-881-6600 to review your status. If you are not registered you can register online.


  • Once approved and all paperwork has been submitted, a purchase order (PO) number will be assigned to the sponsorship. This number must be included on any invoices sent to your assigned Sewer District representative for payment. 

Form functionality

  • This form cannot be saved in progress and any changes made without final submission will be lost.
  • Be sure your form is filled out completely. Please include all possible details. More information is always better than not enough.
  • You can upload any documents, promotional materials, or related files at the end of your form.

Branding requirements

  • Any use of our Sewer District logos must be approved by your assigned Sewer District representative prior to use.

Reporting requirements

  • We require a recap form for all deliverables outlined in our agreements. That will be provided by your assigned Sewer District representative.

Community Relations application   Media application

If you have questions about your eligibility, potential partnerships, or application status, please contact a member of our team: