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Community benefits: How we’re working for you

CommunityWe’re partnering with community leaders and getting involved with our neighborhoods, schools, and residents in an effort to keep our Great Lake great and our communities strong.

Protecting water resources in our region is our primary mission. From managing wastewater and stormwater, to reducing combined sewer overflows, to protecting water quality, we treat hundreds of millions of gallons of water every day. But some of the connections that matter most are not made underground. They are personal connections made in the neighborhoods we serve.

Working in, with, and for communities affected by major construction projects. The goal of our Good Neighbor outreach program is to further connect the District with the communities it serves. Our Good Neighbor Ambassadors act as liaisons between the District, various community and business organizations, and the general public. The team’s current focus is the Glenville neighborhood for the duration of our Dugway Tunnel construction. Learn more.

Community events, organizations, and collaboration help us educate and relate on behalf of clean water. Learn more about our partnerships and sponsorships.

 Want to learn more about our work for clean water? Request to tour our lab or treatment plant or request a special guest speaker.