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ACTION: Start a movement. Join your voices and #RespectTheFlush

Give your drain the acclaim it deserves.

Every time you flush a toilet, drain your sink, or pass a manhole cover along the curb, amazing unseen things are happening that protect public health and the environment. What can you do to show you #RespectTheFlush?

To raise awareness of the value of our water resources, the Value of Water Coalition imagines a Day Without Water October 6-8 across the country. To complement that, one can not overlook the importance of the gray and green systems in place protecting them.

How do you Respect The Flush? Here are 5 simple ideas.

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Don’t flush wipes.
Disposable wipes are convenient, but they wreak havoc on sewer systems and damage equipment in treatment plants. Throw your baby wipes in the garbage instead of flushing them. And while you’re at it, the same goes for the rest of the things on this list.

Pitch those pills.
For years, doctors have advocated flushing unused medications in order to keep them out of the reach of children and pets. But flushing pharmaceuticals can negatively affect water quality and the environment. There are safer local options for you that can keep your loved ones and our water safe.

Get to know the flow.
The wastewater treatment process is a complex journey, but in Cleveland alone, more than 200 million gallons of water are cleaned safely every single day. By better understanding the process, we can help others see the value of water infrastructure and the ways in which we can take personal responsibility for protecting our resources.

Pick up after your pet.
What does Fido have to do with flushing? Pet waste is a common neighborhood nuisance, and bacteria in the waste can impact water quality. Pick up after your pooch, and lawns and lakes will be better for it.

Let the rain work for you. 
By managing the way stormwater flows on your property, you can control or reduce runoff to not only benefit your property, but the region. Simple actions like disconnecting your downspouts or growing gardens can improve water quality and minimize the impact of runoff on sewers and streams.

Download and share our #RespectTheFlush images below or The Value Of Water’s Day Without Water graphics to show your support for our water systems and resources.