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Audit Committee: We are seeking a new member

The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District is seeking a replacement member to join its Audit Committee to assist in fulfilling our Board of Trustees’ oversight responsibilities.

This committee exists to ensure the integrity of the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District’s financial statements, the District’s compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, the performance of the independent auditors and the District’s internal audit function, and provide annual reporting on the committee’s activities (whether verbal or written) to the Board of Trustees.

This role is deemed to be an independent consultant whose purpose is to assist the Board and the District with ensuring effective internal controls, accurate financial reporting and other compliance related obligations.
Commitment and Expectations

The Audit Committee holds quarterly meetings. Typically, one week in advance, members receive a packet that includes the meeting agenda and material for review. All members are expected to thoroughly review the information in advance so they can actively participate in meetings to provide insights and observations to improve risk and control environment. The District relies on this committee to synthesize information and offer insightful observations and challenging questions.

Committee members are appointed by the President of the Board of Trustees for a term of two years and receive a stipend of one hundred dollars ($100.00) per meeting. Committee members are provided the same legal and liability coverage members of the Board of Trustees.

The role requires physical presence at quarterly audit committee meetings in Cleveland, Ohio. These meetings occur during business hours, typically before board meetings and are one hour in length.


Committee members shall possess strong business acumen or a financial background. Typically, qualifications may include the following:

  • Professional experience in Finance, Accounting, Audit, Information Technology, or other relevant field;
  • Relevant industry experience including public utilities, engineering, construction or manufacturing;
  • Overall knowledge and expertise in project or operational management;
  • Some organizational governance experience is preferred but not required.

Application Process

To be considered for this role, submit a resume and letter of interest to John Wasko, Manager – Risk & Internal Audit no later than Friday, December 17, 2021.