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Following, liking, and friending: NEORSD in social media

In the last year, the Sewer District has grown its social media presence to better serve its customers in Northeast Ohio. But how are we using the accounts and which ones have the news you need? Here’s a quick overview:

@wallywaterdrop: Our spokesdrop Wally Waterdrop is an active tweeter, and he tweets news about the Sewer District, Northeast Ohio, water and wastewater news, photos, and other fun stuff.

@neorsd: Our official Twitter account for Sewer District news, announcements, billing and rates information, careers, and more.

@aboutmybill: We invite followers to tweet questions about their bills or our services. While we suggest you contact our Customer Service department with specific account questions, you can tweet us to ask about our rates and charges.

Facebook—Wally Waterdrop and NEORSD: We’re getting our feet wet in Facebook, so friend Wally or Like the Sewer District to get involved in their conversations. Our Communications & Community Relations YouTube channel has recent videos. So does Vimeo and

Flickr: Wally Waterdrop’s photo page has some of our more recent images from projects and events.

More of our social media accounts can be found on our NEORSD homepage under Popular Topics.