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INFOGRAPHIC: Fossilized feces? What dinosaurs left behind still fascinates. #DinoDoo

Haplocanthosaurus skeletal mount at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.
Scott Robert Anselmo via Wikipedia.

In our business, there is much to talk about when it comes to our “business.” Our bodily functions and trips to the bathroom every day account for much of the flow we treat and release to Lake Erie.

But when unique opportunities arise to educate about the importance of clean water and the sewers that make that possible, we take them seriously.

Even if the phrase “dinosaur poop” does make you snicker.

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History is hosting a special exhibit Be The Dinosaur now through May in which guests can interact with digital dinos through displays and video-game graphics. We’re proud to support the event, and share some of the unexpected connections between these colossal creatures and the clean-water work we do.

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Fossilized feces is a significant find in the archeology world, and some discoveries have made the news in recent months. The science of human waste is just as fascinating, and museums know that visitors are drawn to it—from the history of plumbing to the way astronauts go to the bathroom in outer space.

This interest is where we can help customers understand why the sewer infrastructure work they may never see is so important to the health of our region.