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LIST: 5 naughty things that will earn you a visit from Krampus this Christmas

Krampus says be good to your plumbing and your environment for goodness sake.

Don’t be naughty this year.

Of course, St. Nicholas is known for bringing gifts to kids on the Nice list. The Naughty list earns children a more frightening visit from Krampus, a creature of European tradition who hands our more punishment than presents.

We want everyone to do the right thing and protect water. But if Krampus knows who’s been bad or good, these are the Naughty things to avoid.

Flushing medicines: NAUGHTY

Flushing your old or unused medications seems to be a convenient disposal method, but pharmaceuticals can affect water quality. There are better and safer ways to clean your medicine cabinet.

Not picking up after your dog: NAUGHTY

Dog doo is not fertilizer. The bacteria in pet waste is hazardous to health and the environment. Pick it up, and encourage others to do the same.

Flushing disposable wipes: NAUGHTY

Disposable wipes may say “flushable” on the package, but they do not break down in plumbing and sewer systems the way toilet paper does. They can wad up and clog pipes at home and sewers in your community.

Not considering eco-friendly alternatives: NAUGHTY

Many of the cleaning products you use and hazardous items you throw away at home have environmentally friendly alternatives. Check out recipes, resources, and recommendations in our free Healthy Home handbook.

Pouring cooking grease down your sink drain: NAUGHTY

Washing pots and pans after holiday meals means there is a lot of grease and leftovers that flow into your drains. We recommend canning the grease, cooling it, and dropping it in the trash instead. If you don’t, grease and fats collect in drain lines leading to common back-ups and clogs.


Special thanks to our own Ed Sutera for his Krampus costume and origin stories.