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Now apply for summer sprinkling program online

Yesterday, our Customer Service department launched its new online application for the summer sprinkling rate-saving program. View the form.

The Sewer District has offered the summer sprinkling program since 1993 to benefit residential customers and, until now, only application cards have been use to process requests. The new online application is intended to save time and mailing costs, and make the program more accessible to our customers.

For some customers, residential water use increases during the summer months because of lawn sprinkling and other seasonal use. But most of this additional water does not return to the sewer system.

For this reason, the Sewer District offers the Summer Sprinkling Program, in which summer residential sewer bills are based on either average winter water consumption, or actual summer water consumption, whichever is lower. The program is in effect each year from May 1 through September 30.

For customers who qualify, their bills during these months likely will be lower. And there is no need to re-apply; once enrolled, customers are required to re-apply only if they change residences.

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  • Anonymous

    Where is the form for the summer sprinkling program? I've clicked on the highlighted links on each of the pages describing the program and find no on line link. It was supposed to be convenient to apply on line, but it is frustration to not be able to access the form! Is this a test?

  • Thank you for your comment, and the error was not a test at all! We made a few modifications to the Summer Sprinkling screen late this afternoon and it affected the buttons at the bottom of the page. Try the link again and both buttons (one for the online form, and one to print a downloadable PDF) now should be visible. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention and apologize for any confusion.