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SUPER BOWL: How does infrastructure play into the Big Game? #SewerBowl will live-tweet the flow facts

A recent survey shows 60% of Super Bowl viewers plan to use a mobile device while watching the big game.

While we haven’t commissioned a [Dr. Evil style air quotes] “sur-vey” [end air quotes], our intuition tells us 100% of Super Bowl viewers also will either use the bathroom, run a faucet, or flush a toilet sometime during the game.

That gives us plenty to talk about.

This Sunday’s Super Bowl between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos will feature our first ever #SewerBowl: Live-tweeting from our @wallywaterdrop and @neorsd Twitter accounts as we share some unexpected sewer and infrastructure stats along with the live action.

Wait, what? Why? Two simple reasons.

  1. First, why not?
  2. And second: While almost half of TV-owning America watched the 2013 Super Bowl, every Northeast Ohioan has a daily connection to our work to protect the environment. Whether it’s the toilets they flush or the sinks they drain, our unseen underground work helps residents go about their daily business.

Tweet along, share your own super stats, and enjoy the game. And while Cleveland might be a ways off from a Super Bowl appearance, we’ll keep the faith.

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