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EDUCATION: Bathroom signage to promote thinking twice about sustainability? They’re not wastes of time, they’re #StallTactics.

Statistics show we use the restroom about seven times every day. That means public restrooms get a lot of use, and based on the amount of wastewater we treat every day, we know that from experience.

In 2013, your Sewer District found some unique opportunities to educate and communicate in the very place where our business begins. Bathrooms.

Decals and posters in venues like Tower City Cinemas and Progressive Field are what we consider #StallTactics, a way to encourage guests to think about the overlooked work it takes to keep our water clean and our Great Lake great.

As tech blogger Bob Sullivan wrote, “Making people give a second thought to No. 2 is a great achievement, indeed.  Bravo to the agency and its clever use of social media to make people think about something we all do take for granted.”

Your trip to the restroom between innings at #indians Progres... on Twitpic