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#WorldWaterDay: If water is so boring that it’s “no big deal,” then that’s exactly why it’s a very big deal.

Photo courtesy Drink Local. Drink Tap.

Go ahead. Flush. Don’t think twice about it.

Turn the tap. No big deal.

Start the laundry, fill your tub, wash you hands, whatever. It’s just water.

The simple fact that we can consider a precious resource and the complex
system it takes to bring it to and from our homes safely “no big deal”
is exactly why World Water Day March 22 should be a very big deal.

What is World Water Day? World Water Day, established by the United Nations in 1993,
was originally launched to promote to the importance of fresh water and
bring attention to water-resource management and sanitation challenges
around the world.

We are proud to support WWD programs every year that help residents understand how Cleveland’s urban water cycle works and relate it to the water-quality realities and struggles that still exist today.

Consider the toxic algae bloom that made Toledo’s water undrinkable for three days in 2014. Now imagine the need to trek for clean water for yourself or your family
from a distant source miles away. Sometimes making it personal makes a

There are countless ways to make World Water Day inspirational.
Communicate, educate, donate, however you choose to support the cause,
it’s not too late.

Original story posted March 20, 2014.