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CUTE: 11 of the cutest animals we’ve seen on the job, prepare to “Awww!”

Whether in the field or on site, our operators, investigators, and security staff have seen all kinds of cute critters. Here are some of the kinds of animals our employees have photographed while on the job.

Alligator: Yes, it’s true. We found this guy in Big Creek and rescued him before he froze. Here’s the full story.

Deer: These guys are all over the place at our Southerly and Easterly plants.
Deer: Momma and baby at our Southerly plant.
These were at Easterly in Cleveland.
Fox: Staring contest.
Heron: Love this photo.
Salamander: Collected and relocated as we inspected the site of Euclid Creek Tunnel shaft 1 in Bratenahl.
More deer. Distracted.
Hawk: As seen from our Southerly plant.
Mink: This pic was snapped by one of our Water Quality investigators at Edgewater Park.
Monarch: Another pic from Edgewater Park.
Possum: We don’t think he was expecting to be caught on camera.
Squirrel: Looking for food at our security gate at Easterly.
Turkey: Saw this guy walking along the outside of our Southerly plant fence in Cuyahoga Heights.
UPDATE! How could we forget about Roscoe? Apparently we did. Roscoe, formerly known as King, was rescued from a sewer drain in 2012. He was adopted by a friend here at the Sewer District and he’s doing quite well.

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All photos credit Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District.