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Bridge project makes connections in more ways than one

The Detroit Superior Bridge -- a vital connection between Downtown and Cleveland's near Westside -- has been madeover to connect the beauty of our water resources with their value to our region.

Designed by Cleveland Public Art and the County Engineer's office to increase pedestrian traffic, the Detroit Superior Bridge Promenade opened to the public September 17th with District support.

"We hope people pause and make the connection to the value of our water resources," said Deputy Director Kenneth Pew, speaking to a crowd gathered at the project's ribbon-cutting ceremony. "If you can recall the past when our water resources were in danger, this project demonstrates the change we have helped make."

A 20-foot wide pedestrian walkway replaces the outermost lanes on the bridge's north side, creating open space for seven art elements and two canopied benches both of which display posters to highlight water quality.

For financial support to aid in the completion of the project, the District was given rights to eight poster panels exhibited on the canopies. We plan to use the space to promote the importance of Cleveland's water quality and our work to protect public health.

Current posters convey a "Making Connections" theme and touch on our mission and wastewater treatment.

The District also contributed design and maintenance ideas for an art element which displays real-time river data measuring flow rates and rainfall.

Work continues to complete the remaining art elements, such as a seismograph to measure bridge vibrations, and is scheduled to conclude this fall. The bridge and canopied benches are currently open to the public. Click here to view the posters that are on display on the bridge.

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