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LIST: Top 4 #h2olloween costume ideas

It’s just a week away, and if you’re still looking for the Halloween costume that is both trendy and timeless, we have a few ideas for you.

AHHHH! Who wouldn’t be scared seeing stormwater drains and culverts clogged with massive amounts of hideous debris? Grab old branches, leaves, bricks and other stream debris to make your own costume. Might want to jump on this one soon, because inspection, clean-up and maintenance is a big part of our Regional Stormwater Management Program in 2013.

Just when you thought it was safe to stand streamside! This costume is a fave among the kids, inspired by the Warner Road/Garfield Heights example pictured here. The site you see above is one our stormwater program will be assessing closely next year.

Gah! You’re sure to scare fellow trick-or-treaters when you’re dressed up like the floatable pollution that results from a combined sewer overflow. We’re working to reduce overflow pollution by billions of gallons thanks to Project Clean Lake.

When property owners get creative trying to solve erosion problems, you get results like this one along Stickney Creek. Get creative yourself by dressing up as washing machines, 55-gallon drums, or all kinds of poorly improvised solutions! Fixing regional streambank problems properly is another priority on our stormwater program project list.

Costume photos above borrowed from Adult Ghillie Suit, ParentzExpress, CandidCostume, and SWIM Coalition.