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NEWS: Renewable Energy Facility recognized as @USGBC leader in energy, environmental design

In 2009, the District began designing a new incineration facility that would conserve resources, reduce air emissions, and generate electricity.

Six years later, the Renewable Energy Facility (REF) has been awarded LEED Gold Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council, for its sustainability features including water efficiency, innovation, and indoor environmental quality.

The LEED, or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, program is the most widely used green-building rating system, with 1.7 million square feet of construction space certified every day. See the REF’s official LEED scorecard.

This certification is a reflection of the facility’s success in saving money and resources, while promoting renewable, clean energy. Compared to the average commercial building, LEED Gold buildings consume less energy and less water, with lower maintenance costs, higher occupant satisfaction, and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

—Story by Communications Specialist Yolanda Kelly. Thanks to Kellie Rotunno, Jim Bunsey, Tom Vasel, Steve Janosko, and everyone who worked to get the REF LEED Gold Certified.

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  • It only makes sense for a renewable energy facility to design a building that conserves energy as well. Else, their entire company mission would simply become meaningless as they are doing the direct opposite of their objective in the market.