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PICS: Under construction, beyond cool

Last week, we toured the progress inside our $170 million Renewable Energy Facility. Here are some of the latest photos.

The building houses equipment that will generate 25% of the plant’s electricity while conserving resources and reducing pollution. It is scheduled to go online this summer.

of three fluidized-bed incinerators, each one about 60 feet tall.
They’re called fluidized beds because heated sand blows around inside
the base like a liquid. The incinerators burn solid waste known as biosolids.

Overcast today, but in the sun, the front of this building gleams and it can be seen from nearby I-77.
Conduit above the first floor of the facility.

Our own Mike Uva records an interview with Construction Manager Tom Vasel.

A view from the second floor.

Typical safety signage on much of the equipment being installed throughout the building.

Another view from the second floor.

A view of Mike interviewing Tom, as seen through one of the computer towers in a control room.

Each of the three incinerators is lined with 130 tons of this brick. Every brick is numbered to ensure it is placed properly.

Dials and switches. A very retro look inside a new-technology facility.
Two hearts, one love: Clean water.