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January 1 begins final year of current rate schedule

The Sewer District’s 2011 rates, which take effect January 1, are the final phase of a multiple-year rate program approved by Trustees in 2008. A 2012-2016 rate study is nearing completion which will offer recommendations for rate adjustments and affordability programs early next year.

Rate calculations are based on water consumption, and customers are billed for every 1,000 cubic feet of water (or 7,480 gallons) used on their property. Beginning January 1, Cleveland customers will pay $44.75 per MCF every quarter (Homestead rate: $30.05), and suburban customers will pay $48 per MCF every quarter (Homestead rate: $32.25). Learn more…

In addition to the Homestead program which offers a discounted sewer rate for elderly or disabled customers, the Sewer District also offers a Summer Sprinkling program which charges customers during the summer months based on their average winter water consumption, which is typically lower.

For more information about rates or affordability programs, contact our Customer Service department (216) 881-8247.