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PUP: #DogsCantFlush, but they need more help than that.

A group of Sewer District volunteers are taking calls at Q104’s and Cleveland APL’s Pledge For Pets Radiothon today, an event we’ve supported for several years in connection with our Pick Up Poop! (PUP) campaign.

But what’s the partnership all about?

PUP is all about water quality and common courtesy. We help residents make the connection between pet waste left behind on lawns and the health and water-quality issues related to it. Disposing of pet waste properly keeps dangerous germs out of our water and, of course, is a polite thing to do for neighbors.

Pet-friendly events help us share the PUP message with our customers and pet-owners alike as we educate about our work and steps they can take to keep our Great Lake great.

You’ve even got a chance to win one of the #DogsCantFlush shirts you see here. Just join our email list by Monday 5/13 for a chance to win.