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RADIO, part II: “That’s a significant drop.” Yes, he is.

So when a caller to the WMMS 100.7 Alan Cox Show during Wednesday drivetime reacted to the hosts’ conversation about Lake Erie’s poor beachwater quality, he rightfully touched on the Sewer District’s multi-billion-dollar program to fix some of the problems plaguing the lakefront.

We heard about the call yesterday morning, and our own Jean Chapman sent Alan Cox an email to clarify a few points the caller made. Why not, right? With that, we also used her email as a blog post, embedded a clip from the show’s podcast, and added a few points for good measure. In good fun, our spokesdrop Wally tweeted @alancoxshow to let him know he gave us good material and an opportunity to share information.

Then came Thursday’s show. Check it out.

So what began with bad attention paid to our beaches ended with perspective and good attention paid to our construction program and efforts to make our Great Lake greater. All’s well that ends well.

And Alan, if you start that Twitter handle you talked about, Wally would be honored to be your first follower.

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  • Lord knows NE Ohio has kicked that can down the road from 1972. It has caught up with us and choice to ignore the necessary work has resulted in what we now see in our beach water. It's simple cause and effect. It is far past the time that we ought to be treating Lake Erie as the precious 'front yard' property and resource that it is.