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Sewer District releases details of draft consent decree

Today, the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District released details of its ongoing negotiations with the Environmental Protection Agency regarding its $3 billion plan to reduce raw sewage discharges to the environment. Known as a consent decree, the draft agreement outlines specific projects and milestones that will reduce those discharges from 4.5 billion gallons annually to 494 million gallons.

A full presentation of the consent decree details will be presented to the Board of Trustees Thursday, November 18 at 12:30 p.m.

Three related documents have been linked at the Sewer District’s Project Clean Lake website, including a pre-approval draft of the consent decree, an overview briefing document, and a PDF version of a PowerPoint presentation which will be presented to the Board of Trustees November 18.

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  • Anonymous

    I am a resident of Ohio, I grew up in Cleveland, in the 1960's and I have been drinking water from this area for 61 years. I am a very healthy individual thanks to the people who built this great water system!I swam in Lake Erie as at its worst and never got anything worse then an occasional earache! This area has already spent over 2 billion dollars to fix its so called overflow problem a problem during heavy rainfalls. I do not see the need to spend an additonal 3 billion dollars over the next 20 years which will triple my current sewer bill. Is this just more of Obama and the EPA
    wasting money we don't even have???

  • Anonymous

    3 BILLION!

    This is a joke right?
    With about 330,000 customers, that equals about $10,000 apiece. Before overruns (pun intended).


  • Please spend it and get it done. I am sick of seeing raw sewage dumped directly on swimming beaches along with tons of garbage that takes weeks to clean up after every storm from these CSOs. Edgewater beach is useless this year because of the storms and the CSO. Disgusting.

    • Thanks for your comment. The work is well underway and we are making progress. Metroparks has done commendable work of routine clean-up and water quality has been better this year compared to past. Still, much work is left to do and we will continue to evaluate options related to the Edgewater outfall.