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VIDEO: Could this really be 1,000 miles of toilet paper?

Woah that’s a lot of toilet paper.

It happened at a soccer match in Belgium.

While we have absolutely no idea how much toilet paper this actually is, let’s make a few calculations and take a guess.

Let’s say this was one corner of Cleveland Browns’ First Energy Stadium, where the seating capacity is just over 78,000. This would be maybe 18,000 seats (again, let’s just say).

An average roll of toilet paper holds almost 360 feet of toilet paper. If every one of these 18,000 fans tossed a roll, that would amount to more than 6.5 million feet of TP, or 1,240 miles. All cascading like a two-ply waterfall onto the field.

Not very sustainable, but wow does it look cool.

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