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RATES: Changes effective Jan. 1

On January 1, 2012, the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District’s rates and billing structure is changing. Here is a summary to help you better understand the changes.

No more minimum charge
Before 2012, users were charged a for 1,000 cubic feet of water (1 MCF, or 7,480 gallons) of water consumption, even if their actual usage was lower. This year, that minimum charge is eliminated and replaced by a
base charge of $5.85, which means those who use less than 1 MCF per
quarter initially will see a decrease in their sewer bills. View the rate schedule

Higher Homestead discount
Increasing the Homestead Program rate reduction from 33% to 40%,
which will assist low-income seniors and customers will disabilities. The income limit for Homestead applicants in 2012 will be $30,500. Read more

New Affordability program
We are adding a Wastewater Affordability Program to our cost-saving programs offerings to benefit those with
income level at/below 200% Federal poverty level (e.g. Family of four <
$44,700). Learn about all of our cost-saving programs | View all Affordability Program income limits

Crisis Assistance program coming in late 2012
We are designing a Crisis Assistance Program (e.g. Medical expenses, job loss) which will be detailed in late 2012.

To learn more about what to expect in your first bills of 2012, contact us or our Customer Service department at (216) 881-8247.