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TRENDING: Never forget, it was a toilet that made time travel possible. #BackToTheFutureDay

Back To The Future‘s Doc Brown and his illustration of the time-travel-enabling flux capacitor.

The future has arrived. As the past. In the present. Thanks to a toilet.

October 21, 2015 has been declared Back To The Future Day, a day of ’80s sci-fi nostalgia, the date to which Back To The Future‘s Marty McFly travels in the second movie of the trilogy in hopes of rescuing his future family.

What made the films’ time travel possible was the flux capacitor. What made the flux capacitor possible? Remember, it was inventor Doc Brown slipping and falling off his toilet:

Sure, the flush toilet was considered the greatest medical advancement of the last 200 years. But in the BTTF universe, it became—more importantly—the greatest inspiration of the entire space-time continuum.

Heavy. We know.