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RATES: Check your bills this quarter for the latest news on rates, stormwater, cost-saving

Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District customers billed by Cleveland Water will receive a bill insert this quarter offering a reminder of the upcoming rate changes, cost-saving opportunities, and Regional Stormwater Management Program news.

A copy of the insert content is featured below.


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  • Anonymous

    Cleveland Heights customer here trying to pay the stormwater bill online. This appears to be impossible – I am redirected to the Payment Service Network site but the stormwater bill inexplicably has a different account number from extant water and sewer bills. This new account cannot be found in the PSN system. A different account number makes no sense because the address is the same… why create a new account number? Anyway, mailing a check in the morning.

    • Good afternoon, and thanks for the comment. I see you noted you were mailing a payment, but I checked with our Customer Service team to make sure you had information. The reason there are two different numbers is because Cleveland Heights manages sewer and water billing, and Cleveland Water is the billing agent for stormwater. In 2017, account numbers may be combined since Cleveland Heights will be transitioning to Cleveland Water for billing next year. Until then, mailing payment can help avoid confusion within the current billing system.