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LIST: 10 ways Buzzfeed lists have inspired us to, well, make more lists

1. Lists give us a reason to post awesome photos.

2. And goofy gifs.

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3. Wastewater treatment is a difficult process. Lists and graphics help us make things easier to understand.

4. Lists make great infographics.

5. Lists tell great stories.

6. Lists can help us connect topics that in any other circumstance would seem otherwise completely unrelated.

Like wastewater treatment and back to school jitters.

Or the treatment processes and our memories of mom.
Or how a treatment plant tour can remind us how cool dads are.

7. Lists bring back memories, or help us remember. *sigh.

How else would you ease the pain of reaching the end of the road?

8. When you have $3 billion of projects planned over a 25-year period, easy-to-reference lists and graphics help show how that money is being spent.

9. List posts give us an excuse to make interns wear our Wally Waterdrop costume. …Wait, er, did we say costume?

10. Numbers can make the unseen, unknown, or misunderstood real, tangible, and relevant.

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