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LIST: We found a can of soup at @neorsd HQ dated 2006. It’s older than these 13 things.

Campbell’s Chunky firehouse chili, oh how much you’ve missed.

A colleague found this expired can of soup dated 2006 tucked in the back of our community kitchen at @neorsd headquarters. What has this forgotten spicy beef and bean chili missed in the last 11+ years?

  1. Two terms of President Barack Obama
  2. Our 25-year Project Clean Lake green light and long-term savings
  3. LeBron leaving Cleveland…
  4. …and returning…
  5. …and bringing home an NBA Championship. 
  6. The launch of Twitter (2006)
  7. The creation, suspension, and relaunch of our Regional Stormwater Management Program
  8. The appointment of Ciaccia as our CEO…
  9. …and his retirement
  10. and the confirmation of his successor Kyle Dreyfuss-Wells.  
  11. The digging of a 3-mile-long tunnel 200 feet underground
  12. A memorable Cleveland Indians World Series run
  13. The construction and operation of a LEED-certified Renewable Energy Facility at our Southerly Wastewater Treatment Center

The list could go on. And will go on, as we don’t plan to open the can anytime soon.